There was once a time when pharmacies did not exist and we had to look to the environment for healing. While the pharmaceutical world is much appreciated, the importance of natural remedies available in our back yards should not be underestimated.rhrms-logo-real

Many pharmaceutical products were developed from observing the use of home remedies in tribes and rural areas where pharmaceuticals are not readily
available. For example, quinine, the medication used to treat malaria, was discovered when Europeans contracted the virus and was treated with the bark of the cinchona tree by Jungle dwellers. These people found out the use of the tree long before people even knew what quinine was.

If we knew the value of the plants in our environment, then it would lessen the need to purchase expensive pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. Many studies have been undertaken with the blessing of the World health organization to discover the medicinal properties of plants, especially those being used regularly among large groups of people.

The study of home remedies is very important to afford people the choice between pharmaceutical and natural preparations from an informed point of view, weighing all the pros and cons of using one versus the other.

The main goal of this Website is to expose our readers to the world of home remedies available all over the world that actually work. Even thought Real Home remedies Made Simple SHOULD NOT be considered as a replacement for a doctor’s advice, it is good to be informed of other options available. So ask your doctor before using these remedies, especially in combination with the medications you are taking.

It is important to know the cause of a symptom before it can be treated, therefore it is important to consult your doctor if you do not know the cause of the symptom you are trying to cure using a home remedy. For example, a fever or belly pain are just general symptoms of an underlying illness. Curing the fever or belly pain will not solve the problem.

A lot of the remedies available on our Website are preventative rather than curative. Preventative medicine is highly underrated. If we stressed the importance of preventative medicine the way we advertise pharmaceutical products,then we would not need to dedicate so much of our budget to poly-pharmacy.

I hope you will find something here that works for you! If not, you can let me know in the comment section below and I will look into it for you.

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