Health Benefits of Celery Sticks

5  Amazing Health Benefits of Chewing Celery Sticks


Is celery good for you? Well yes. Celery (Apium graveolens) has a wide range of  medicinal properties. You can use the leaves, roots and seeds to make different remedies and reap the maximum benefits. It can be ingested raw, cooked  or even taken as a juice. A big part of its appeal comes from the fact that even though it is highly packed with nutrients and medicinal properties, it carries very little calories. Perfect snack!

Below is a list of the nutrients present in celery for every 100 grams taken:

  • 20 Calories
  • 2-3% Vitamin A, B, C.
  • 60 mg Iron
  • 316 mg Calcium
  • 68 mg phosphorus
  • 60 mg potassium
  • 48 mg sodium

It also contains a good supply of vitamin k, copper and folate.

So is it good to eat celery sticks regularly? Yes! Unless you are pregnant, then it is a big no no.

People sometimes ask me, “How do you eat raw celery?” Well, Celery sticks are very crunchy and chewy, so people have a great time taking them as chew-able vegetable snacks. The stalk is abundant in minerals and fluid. So that is how I eat it, chew, crunch, chew :).

Five benefits of chewing raw celery stalks and seeds are:

1.   Celery reduces High Cholesterol

Celery contain a compound called 3-n-butylphthalide that has cholesterol lowering effects. This is especially good for people with cardiovascular diseases because it has a lot of nutrients and very little cholesterol. Therefore, chewing on celery as a snack instead of having other cholesterol rich fatty foods.

2.  Celery Reduces High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure means that the blood rushing though your blood vessels are exerting too much pressure on the walls of the vessels. This can be caused by contraction and narrowing of the blood vessel walls. The same compound 3-n-butylphthalide mentioned above also reduces high blood pressure by relaxing blood vessel wall muscles.

3.  Celery Improves Congestive Heart Failure

The diuretic effect helps to lower blood pressure and protects people with congestive heart failure. The ability to lower cholesterol also helps to prevent clot formation in congestive heart failure patients.

4. Chewing Celery Improves Sex Drive

Apparently, chewing on celery sticks will improve your sex drive. This is because celery causes a release of hormones that improve sex drive (Androstenone and androstenol). Therefore it might be helpful for people with low androstenone and androstenol levels due to insufficient release of these hormones. Has this been your experience? Please comment below and let me know!

5.  Celery Improves Gout Symptoms

Celery stimulates the kidneys to eliminate excess water and uric acid. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. Since Gout includes water and uric acid retention and inflammation, celery is especially beneficial  for gout patients.

I hope those five health benefits of celery sticks will get you to start chewing on your celery sticks daily. Remember that pregnant women are the exception to the above.

Will you start eating celery sticks now that you know these 5 amazing health benefits? Let me know in the comment section below. Also, you might be interested in reading our next article on the Health Benefits of Juicing Celery,   Health Benefits of Celery Seeds and the Health Benefits of Celery Roots and Whole Celery Infusion next




  1. Good Morning!

    I adore celery as well. Do you have studies that link to what you are saying? It just seems to good to be true that celery can provide or do all those claims. But I am glad my snack of choice, usually with peanut butter, is a great option overall!

    1. Good morning 🙂

      More studies are needed into the healing properties of plants! However, there are studies on the contents of celery and some properties of celery have a very favorable effect on inflammation, diuretic effects, on lowering cholesterol levels etc. From the known benefits that these properties have on the body, these benefits of celery sticks were derived! 

      Thanks for stopping by! Take a look at the other articles here for more fun facts about nature’s amazing plants 🙂 Also, please take a look at our Medical Disclaimer.

  2. Hey there! I never thought that celery has healthy benefits. I only know that it’s a vegetable so it gives nutrients to our body. My dad has a blood of heart disease. He has high blood cholesterol, sometimes he get high blood pressure and gout. I’ll try to suggest my dad to eat celery to lessen his high blood pressure and to relieve his gout. Thank you for sharing this information.

    1. Hey John!

      You’re welcome. I’m very happy that you can now use this information about the  health benefits of celery to help your dad. Remember to also ensure that he has a low sodium, high potassium and complex carbs diet with small servings of lean meat and fish and lots of fruits and vegetables (except Anchovies, sardines, herring, mackerel, organ meat). Tell him to avoid fatty, oily and processed meat! Red wine is also a great addition to his daily diet! Encourage him to use natural seasonings to avoid MSG and other high sodium seasonings. 

      I hope he will regain a stable health status soon!


  3. I had no idea that celery was this beneficial. Celery is one of those vegetables that I rarely eat. I always thought it was just full of water and really had no substance to it. Thanks for showing me that I was wrong in my thinking! I might have to go out and pick up some celery from the grocery store now! 😉

    1. Yes it looks simple but it is very nutritious! 

      The health benefits of celery are numerous. I’m glad you liked the article. I hope you will eat more celery now 🙂 

  4. I’ve been searching for the right juicing ingredients for my mom who’s a diabetic Type 2 and has high cholesterol. There’s bitter melon on the list and from what you’ve just describe, celery seems like a good fit too.

    I’ll probably use it for juicing instead of chewing – mom doesn’t have strong teeth – so I am wondering if you know, what goes well with celery for a more balanced taste? Thanks.

  5. I did not realize that celery had that many nutrients or had that many health benefits. I would definitely say it is an under rated vegetable.I read somewhere that you burn more calories chewing celery than the number of calories a stalk of celery has. I don’t know if that is true or not.

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