Health Benefits Of Saffron Herb

Saffron is a perennial plant that blooms red or purple flowers between August and September. It has linear leaves and resembles that of onions. It is sometimes called zaafran. There are many health benefits that are derived from the beautiful saffron plant. The stigma of the flowers are used in medicines for different purses and have proven quite efficient in providing nutrients for an overall wellness of the body. However, it is said to be the most expensive spice in the world! However, you could not tell by viewing the prices I saw on amazon, quite affordable I must say.

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Saffron Extract Health Benefits

Listed below are saffron extract health benefits, nutritionally. 15 medical health benefits of saffron can be found below.

nutrient content of saffron

What is saffron extract?

Saffron extract is a natural supplement that is used for weight loss, depression and other ailments. It is made from the crocus purple flower.  It is important to note that saffron extract should be taken at low dosage (15mg) as an overdose can lead to vomiting, nausea and even death.

What is saffron oil used for?

Saffron oil can be used for decreasing appetite and therefore weight loss. It also improves mood and reduces anxiety. Strict dosage limitations also apply to saffron oil usage.


15 Saffron Flower Benefits / Some health benefits saffron root contains also included

1. Anti-Cancer properties of Saffron


Saffron fights against cancer because of the substance in it called crocin. It causes apoptosis of cancer cells giving the good cells a chance. It also stimulates the formation of normal cells and cells of the immune system (lymphocytes).

2. Saffron helps to retain memory and promotes learning

Saffron fights against memory loss in degenerative diseases

Saffron is used in Indian medicine for its neurological benefits. It is said that placing it on the forehead will improve cognition. However, little evidence is there to support this theory. Studies have shown that the crocin in saffron helps to improve memory and promotes the formation of new memories.

3. Saffron helps to increases libido


As we get older, it gets harder to ignite the sparks that were once there. A tiny pinch of saffron in a glass of milk before bed is said to stimulate sexual feelings. So go ahead and spice up your love life with saffron. Remember not to over do it though. It is not safe to use too much saffron, especially on a daily basis.

4. Saffron promotes hair growth in alopecia 


Saffron mixed with milk and licorice is very effective to prevent hair loss. It also helps to stimulate new hair growth. Applied twice per day, this could be the solution for people who lose hair as they get older. If you have had a fungus and lost hair as a result, this could also be the solution for you as saffron has antimicrobial properties as well.

5. Saffron relieves all forms of pain


Saffron can help with all sorts of pain. To reduce menstrual cramps, saffron is taken with celery seeds and anise seeds during menstruation. Saffron can also be taken with milk or as a tea to relieve pain. For toothaches, you can rub saffron mixed with honey on the tooth to relieve the pain.

6. Saffron fights depression

Saffron fights against depression

Saffron is surprisingly very effective as an antidepressant. It contains the compounds safranal and crocin that improves mood. Taking saffron extract for up to 8 weeks is said to reduce symptoms of major depression significantly.

7. Saffron improves the immune system


Saffron contains many beneficial nutrients that promote cell growth and aids in cell repair. It contains a lot of vitamin C that boosts the immune system and helps with the formation of lymphocytes. Saffron soaked in milk and applied to the forehead will quickly relieve colds.

8. Saffron helps to improve tachycardia and general heart health


Saffron contains a lot of potassium. This makes it the perfect remedy to slow down the heart rate. Saffron also contains a lot of ions that help to decrease the blood pressure. This is also one of the reasons why saffron helps with anxiety and premature ejaculation. Saffron also reduces high cholesterol levels in the blood.

9. Saffron is good for your skin

Saffron is good for your skin

Saffron is good for the skin in many  different ways. It helps to give you  a radiant glow  when mixed with milk  and sandalwood  powder to form a pasting facial mask. When used three times per week, this remedy gives you a glow that lasts all week. It also evens your skin tone and detoxifies the skin  for cleaner,  clearer skin. A paste of saffron and basil leaves reduces the formation of pimple when used as a face mask three times per week. Overall, saffron works both inside and out to give you flawless skin.

10. saffron increases pelvic blood flow during pregnancy

Saffron increases pelvic blood flow during pregnancy

With the advice and guidance of a medical professional, saffron can be used to increase blood flow to the pelvic region. It is taken with milk to reduce cramps in the pelvic region. It also helps to control  mood swings that are very common among pregnant women. However, we cannot stress enough that pregnant women must always consult with their doctor before adding any herbal remedies to their routine.

11. Saffron decreases muscular degeneration

saffron reduces muscular degeneration

As we get older, our muscles become easier to waste away or get damaged. It also takes longer for the muscles to be repaired as all our metabolic functions slow down. Saffron helps to slow down muscular degeneration among the elder and also helps with the formation and repair of damaged muscle cells.

12. Saffron helps to detox the body

saffron helps to detox the body

Saffron contains an  abundance of antioxidants. These remove free radicals from the bloods. This helps to prevent the damage of the cells of our body. This is also important to decrease the chances of developing cancers. Saffron dilates the blood vessels to promote sweating that naturally detoxifies the body. It also detox the digestive system from mouth to anus when consumed as a tea

13. Saffron aids in digestion

Saffron improves digestion

Saffron is said to increase improve the functioning on the stomach when taken in small doses in water boiled as a tea. It aids in digestion as it increases blood circulation to the digestive system. Saffron relieves gas and therefore helps patients who suffer from extreme flatulence. It is also said to be good for patients with liver and spleen enlargement.

14. Saffron helps with psoriasis

saffron helps with psoriasis

Balancing toxins is very important to patients with psoriasis. Saffron coats the entire digestive tract ans acts as a natural antiseptic. It also promotes circulation to the digestive system to increase digestion and therefore reduces the likelihood of whole particles leaking into the bloodstream of patients with psoriasis.

15. Saffron helps with male reproductive system disorders

Saffon improves erectile dysfunction and low sperm count

Saffron is said to be an excellent treatment for premature ejaculation, male infertility, erectile dysfunction, libido and overall athletic performance. Taking saffron decreases fatigue, increases the number and duration of erections and the quality of sperms produced.

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A penny for your thoughts on saffron!

Saffron is widely used as spices in food and as a flavor booster in drinks. Saffron seems to be the answer to almost everything. No wonder it is said to be the most expensive spice in the world!


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